Company Background

Yaw Hygiene was established in 2013 to bring a revolutionary range of products from Europe to the NZ market.

Managing Director Bryan Hamill has been involved in the industry for over 30 years and immediately saw the features & benefits of water soluble sachets & tablets in an industry that has been dominated for decades with liquid cleaning products.

Why buy bulky, cumbersome 5 & 20L liquid cleaning products when you can now use water soluble cleaning sachets & tablets. Add water at the point of use – NOT the point of manufacture.

5 Reasons to Change

  1. Cost Effective – Ensures cost-of-clean management. Enhanced and consistent results via controlled dosing – negates smears, smudges and sticky surfaces by eliminating staff over-use of conventional products.
  2. Convenient – Easy to use. No messy dispensing systems. Simplifies staff training.
  3. Storage – Reduces storage by up to 70% when space is often at a premium. Less space on housekeeping trolleys or janitors carts.
  4. Safety – Eliminates heavy lifting of containers, dangerous mixing and decanting, reduces spill risks and injury.
  5. Environment – All products biodegradable, 70-80% reduction in container waste. reduced rubbish costs.

We’re proud of our products and our passion for best practice cleaning solutions that improve both costs and safety in your workplace environment.