My current cleaning products are about $20 for a 5 Litre container - YAW products appear more expensive – is that correct?

No – many people make the mistake of comparing the cost price of cleaning chemicals instead of the in-use-cost. This is the actual cost of the amount of product required to be mixed with water to make a given quantity of cleaning solution. Check out our cost comparison and assessment info here. The results will surprise you.

Do YAW products work as well as my existing cleaners?

Yes they do. These products have been in the competitive European & North American markets for a number of years and have stood the test of time with a variety of end-users. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a money back guarantee – see here for details.

Are YAW products safe?

YAW products are both user-friendly in solution and biodegradable. Like all commercial cleaning products however, it is recommended that handling and storage requirements are followed as per the label instructions.

I don’t have a lot of room for storage – are the containers very bulky?

No – in fact your problem is solved! YAW products reduce storage space by approximately 70% compared to liquid products in 5l containers.

Staff wastage is a factor with my current cleaners – will YAW products alleviate this problem?

Yes – our feedback from customers is that YAW products have significantly reduced costs and improved results. This is a direct consequence of providing a simpler, easier, pre-measured dosing system that eliminates the “guesswork” that commonly causes staff wastage and overuse.

I’m concerned that our empty 5 & 20L containers are taking up a lot of room in our wheelie bins – can YAW products reduce this cost?

Absolutely! Current liquid chemical containers cannot be recycled and are going straight to landfill, with you – the customer – paying to get it there. YAW products reduce container waste by some 70-90% compared to similar liquid products.

I am trying to reduce my risk profile in my workplace Health & safety Programme – can YAW products assist with this?

Yes they can. Many accidents with cleaning chemicals are a result of decanting liquid products – either when mixing cleaning solutions or decanting into smaller containers for ease of lifting/use etc. This often resulting in splash injuries to the face or body. YAW sachets & tablets eliminate these potentially dangerous practices in the workplace.